BODYFIT Exercise Classes – not your average exercise class!

Monday – 9.30am & 6pm

Thursday – 8.30am, 6pm & 7pm

Friday – 9.30am and 6pm.

What are BODYFIT Classes?

BODYFIT classes use broad functional movements to challenge many muscles and joints at the same time and have greater transfer to the physical challenges that you will encounter in your sport and daily life than other classes.

At BODYFIT classes you will experience a blend of traditional Strength and Conditioning exercises, body weight exercises, cardiovascular challenges and tailored movement challenges that are unique to BODYFIT.

What makes BODYFIT different? 

BODYFIT Classes were developed by a team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches who are also experienced Osteopaths and Sports Medicine Clinicians.  This means that you can experience a high intensity challenging workout, under the guidance of a team who are on hand to address any concerns that may impact your performance.

Who is it for? 

BODYFIT classes are for anyone who wants to improve their fitness.  The exercises you will experience will be scaled so that the intensity is appropriate for your health and injury background, current fitness levels and future aspirations.  Appropriate time in each class will also be devoted to developing your skill and execution of movement, and improving your understanding of factors that assist recovery.

BODYFIT classes are open to and appropriate for everyone!

How much do classes cost?

Each class is £10 per person for non-David Lloyd members**.

Or, buy unlimited classes for the month*, for only £60 per month.


OR TO GO UNLIMITED – please email

*Unlimited classes refers to the classes listed above.  The month refers to each calendar month and payment is due prior to the start of the month.

**Classes must be booked in advance and payment of individual classes is due at the start of each class.