Fit For School

Helping Primary Schools Improve the Physical Wellbeing of their Children.

“What we learn at school acts as a foundation for everything we go on to do – this applies to our physical ability as well as our mental ability”.


The Pain Clinic created their Fit For School Programme in order to help Primary Schools form a plan to improve children’s experience of PE and support their teaching staff and students in the quest for an active and healthy future generation.

Danielle Pain, owner of The Pain Clinic and founder of the Fit for School Programme, says, “My 11 year old daughter used to avoid any active classes at our local gym and disliked PE at Primary School, despite coming from a family who enjoy exercise.  When she saw the classes we deliver to our clients, she instantly wanted to get involved and now has a far better attitude to physical activities and exercise.  PE lessons are the greatest opportunity to help shape a child’s interest in physical activities and develop their attitude towards leading, and even enjoying, an active lifestyle.

“When I was a child, the majority of my play time and family time was spent riding our bikes, climbing trees and generally being very active.  In recent years, children are spending more family time playing computer games or in front of a screen.  We want to give all children an opportunity to develop an appreciation for PE and develop important movement skills”.

Primary school teachers have the great challenge of having to be experts across all subjects they teach and, as evidence shows, PE is an area where many lack confidence.  If teachers were not confident, or did not feel qualified, to deliver literacy classes, immediate support would be provided to ensure that this was resolved.  It is imperative that teachers are given the same level of support and expertise to help them in the development of their skills for teaching PE.  It is important that PE classes are positive, enjoyable and rewarding and we must equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to delivery quality PE to students.

The Fit For School Programme is a bespoke service, working closely with schools, in line with the National Curriculum for Physical Education and the Government Sport Premium funding.  To discuss how we can help your school reach their potential, email