Golf Performance

The Golf Performance Clinic was born out of the desire to provide a specialist golf injury prevention and rehabilitation service for recreational and elite athlete golfers.

Our Golf Performance Clinic in Oxford is for:

 Injured Golfers who want to get back to course

 Golfers who want to prevent injury

 Golfers who want to improve performance


The Golf Performance Clinic benefits from practices and procedures spanning the world of Golf, and combines ideas and concepts from Nike Golf, The European Tour Performance Institute, the internationally recognised Gray Institute, and the expertise and input of nationally and internationally recognised coaches.

This allows you to:

 Benefit from the latest advice and practical help from leading experts

 Receive the most appropriate treatment for a fast and effective return to the golf course

 Have more control over your symptoms and the confidence to stay active on the course

 Prevent injury and improve your physical capacity using golf specific methods


Your management plan will be based on a detailed subjective report and thorough local and global joint, and golf specific examination. We will spend time with you explaining what we have found, how to improve and any additional factors that may impede or facilitate your progress.  Our findings will be sent to your coach so that you can continue with your progress outside of treatments.

The Golf Performance Clinic is directed by Osteopath, Fellow of Applied Functional Science, and Certified Nike Golf specialist – Andrew Nicholettos.

‘For too long, strategies to rehabilitate and prevent golf injuries have centred around the use of prescriptive and dogmatic protocols, where individuals perform exercises that don’t reflect the demands of golf.  Not only do these ideas devalue an individuals athletic background and golf expertise, they conflict with what we know about movement sciences and performance specificity.  Regardless of your current standard and future aspirations, the Golf Performance Clinic will help you reach your goals, with you and your golf game at the very heart’.

Andrew Nicholettos BSc (hons), M.Ost, MSc SEM, FAFS, CAFS, NGFPS

To book a one or three hour golf performance session with Andy, click here