We are regularly delighted to receive positive feedback from patients and have an ever-growing collection of testimonials, but here are a select few:

Iwan Thomas MBE, GB Retired 400m Sprinter, Southampton

Throughout my career I have unfortunately had many injuries, which in turn meant I had the pleasure of working with many medical teams across the globe. I must say, without doubt, Danielle is someone who I regard as one of the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and I will certainly visit again for treatment.

“Danielle is someone who I regard as one of the best!”

Jason Manford, Comedian & Actor, Manchester

I have had several treatments with Danielle at The Pain Clinic and she is definitely now my preferred osteopath. I came to her for a sports massage when I was touring with The Producers in Oxford but she soon made it clear that this was not the best solution for my pains. I was impressed with her conscientious approach to treatment and her osteopathic explanation of why I was constantly needing massages to feel better. Her thorough treatment plan for me means that I am now finally working towards resolving some chronic football injuries, the effects of which I have been suffering with for years. Danielle demonstrates her vast knowledge by thoroughly explaining the cause of my aches and pains, giving me rehabilitative homework between treatments (and reprimanding me when I forget to do them), marking my progress and providing appropriate and effective treatment each time.

“Bring on the return of a pain-free body, thanks to Danielle’s magic hands!”

Greg Cackett, GB Athlete, Brunel University

Dannii is a fantastic osteopath with an excellent natural feel and understanding for the human body. In my line of work I’ve had treatment from numerous therapists and Dannii has to be one of the best. After my ankle stress fracture I developed bone spurs, which continue to cause impingement and soft tissue issues. Thanks to Dannii’s rehab intervention and advice on pain management, I am able to keep major issues as bay and avoid surgery whilst still performing at a high level. This is absolutely massive for me and I can’t thank and recommend her enough.

“I’ve had treatment from numerous therapists and Dannii has to be one of the best”

Michelle Collins, Actress, London.

Danielle treated me during my time playing the Baroness in the theatre production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is a very physically demanding musical.  I was experiencing a lot of pain and swelling in my knee and Danielle helped get me through it.

She gave me rehab advice to help me between her visits – I would definitely recommend The Pain Clinic to anyone in need of treatment.

“I would definitely recommend The Pain Clinic to anyone in need of treatment.”

Natasha Keyani, Oxfordshire

After months of horrendous pains and endless trips to the doctors, chiropractors, Japanese pain specialists, etc., I was so fed up and thought nothing was going to help. Then I found The Pain Clinic.

After only 3 visits I am nearly pain free and couldn’t be happier!

Emma Tucker, Oxford

I had been suffering with coccyx pain since the birth of my second child. It was starting become an issue with my training and also being able to sit on the floor for any length of time (a big problem when you have a newborn and a toddler!) I saw Danielle on 2 occasions and she quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. She examined me thoroughly and took the time to fully explain what could have been causing the pain. I was sent away with muscle corrective exercises and within 2 weeks I was able to sit on the floor again with no pain!

I am extremely grateful to Danielle and her vast knowledge.

Carolyn Parfitt, London

I just want to say, The Pain Clinic is brilliant. I have a confirmed labral tear in my right hip and I decided to see an osteopath to see if it would help as nothing else has. I am in discomfort pretty much everyday. I saw Danielle yesterday, and today I realised that my hip does not hurt. So I feel compelled to say a massive thank you as this is the first day I have been discomfort free for about 2 years, and it feels amazing. Thank you, I will be back before and after it is operated on.

I feel compelled to say a massive thank you as this is the first day I have been discomfort free for about 2 years, and it feels amazing.

Becca Parker, 30, Watlington

After 17 months of UNBEARABLE back pain, I am now on my 7th day of not having to take any pain relief to enable me to sleep through the night. I have found my appointments with Danielle extremely knowledgeable and worth while. She makes you feel so at ease and comfortable.

Thank you SO much The Pain Clinic, I can now sleep at night. Highly recommend you to anyone suffering the same as me.

Sara Price

I went to see Danielle with debilitating head and neck pain, plus related shoulder and hip pain. After 2 yrs of tests at hospitals and no diagnosis, Danielle has helped me more in 3 wks than any drugs have. I’ve halved my medication and am hoping that with all the exercises she’s given me, I will eventually be drug free.

If you suffer from chronic pain, don’t hesitate to go, she’s fantastic.

Gheeti Devi Jassi, Garsington

My third pregnancy was full of tricky surprises, especially having stress incontinence. I started seeing Danielle post pregnancy to help reduce my bladder urgency as I was feeling I constantly needed to go and also a lot of discomfort in that area. After seeing Danielle for just two sessions of gentle treatments, things improved so much. She explained why it was happening and how she had managed to reduce the pressure on my bladder. The constant feeling and the discomfort of a full bladder had also gone.

Danielle, the miracle worker, changed my life and I highly recommend her clinic to any expectant or new mother.

Alex, 38, Watlington

Having had progressive lower back pain with pain into my left leg I went to see a physiotherapist, however after 10 sessions, my pain continued to get worse, leading to weakness and numbness down the front of my thigh and the inside of my lower leg.  I was unable to fly as a pilot and I was waking at night with the pain.  Eventually, having not been able to train for months, my personal trainer suggested that I visit Danielle at The Pain Clinic.

Danielle gave a thorough examination and by the end of the first treatment, I couldn’t believe how the pain in my thigh had gone.  By the second appointment, my lower back pain had gone and my leg has steadily gained strength and sensation since.

I am now back to Olympic lifting training with my PT and back to flying, golfing and surfing so I am delighted with the results of my treatment and would recommend The Pain Clinic.

Belinda, 39, Thame

I’d had lower back pain for over 2 years. It’s strange how you adjust to doing everyday things and not realising what you’re doing. It got so bad that I was unable to go to work, drive, sit, get in and out of the bath, walk up the stairs or walk my dog. The only place I was comfortable was laid in bed. Everything I took for granted was suddenly taken away. I felt so vulnerable and my confidence plummeted.

I eventually made an appointment with Danielle after my back went into a spasm and pushed me to the ground. This is when life started to look brighter. The consultation was very thorough, she explained everything in detail and put me at ease. The treatment I received made a huge difference not only physically but mentally. Danielle gave me my confidence back which in turn allowed me to do the exercises she gave me to do between treatments.

I am now able to do all the things I couldn’t plus I am now going swimming, which I would not have contemplated doing before seeing Danielle. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me back my fitness & confidence back. Thank you.

Richard, 22, Marston

I compete in power lifting and after a series of heavy weight training every week my lower back was agony. Went to Danielle with lower back pain and since have felt so much more flexible, the pain has relieved significantly and as a result my weights have gone up. I have been seeing Danielle for 3 weeks now and already my flexibility has improved dramatically from a series of sessions and stretching routines provided by Danielle.

She explains in detail everything she is doing to help the pain to subside and explains what the causes maybe to help you understand what you need to do to rectify it. Thanks Danielle, you’re helping no end.

Jonathan, 27, Oxford

After several years of torn hamstrings, injuries and niggles I discovered Dannii.  I’ve had treatments now for 2 months and a set of orthotics. I feel like a brand new person, gone are the aches, pains and injuries.

My legs are finally functioning normally again as a result of treatment, orthotics and maintenance sports massages. Highly recommend anyone with pain to book an appointment with Dannii.

Heidi, 40, Southampton

For the past 7 years I have suffered with severe right shoulder pain probably brought on by many years of “desk work” and progressively getting worse to the point where just slight touch would make me cringe.

Over the years, when the pain got too severe, I would try various therapies such as kinesiology and physiotherapy which helped for a while but didn’t seem to get to the root cause.

I heard of The Pain Clinic through a client and had 2 sessions within 3 weeks, which had tremendous effect and following a 3rd treatment, the stiffness and constant dull ache has gone. Danielle has a real intuitive way of working and she very skilfully works deep with the muscles and tissues, which has a profound healing effect and I feel wonderful.