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ACL Surgery Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation from ACL surgery takes many months, particularly if you’re a very active person or an athlete wanting to get back to your sport of choice, in which case, it could be 18 months before you are completely ready to return to sport. This journey, however, is a very individual process, therefore, the cookie-cutter rehabilitation protocol is rarely comprehensive enough for each patient. For instance, one of my patients is a stunt woman, who is also a keen footballer, martial arts enthusiast and gym goer. Each of these activities require the knee to be strong and reliable in completely different positions, varying directions and all speeds of motion. The rehabilitation plan needs to reflect the requirements of the patient and this is where The Pain Clinic excels.

Having studied for a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, and a decade of experience working with various different elite sports people, I have a good understanding of the qualities of movement that are required to be powerful in your sport and how to prepare you for those demands.

Whether you’re a professional sports person, a weekend warrior, or you just want to get your independence back after surgery, we can help you back to being able to rely on your body, and particularly your knee, again.

Cannot thank my osteopath Danielle from the The Pain Clinic enough for the help and guidance, even if I've had to do some of the most odd looking rehab moves!

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