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Sport Specific Rehabilitation

I have worked with a multitude of both elite professional and non-professional sports people across a variety of sports – football, rugby, sprinting, endurance running, kickboxing, taekwondo, golf, netball, olympic lifting, power lifting, Crossfit, athletics, and many more.  What I love, is teaching each patient how they can improve their strength, agility and movement repertoire, and rehabilitate their injuries in the process.  This not only helps resolve their pain and restrictions, but it becomes beneficial for their sporting performance.

I’ve worked with Wasps rugby, delivered strength and conditioning sessions for rugby teams, run functional strength classes in both Oxford and Southampton, delivered years of pitch side medical support for rugby and Gaelic football, helped coach Personal Trainers to better understand how to adjust exercises for different clientele, and worked in many different sports settings. 

I’ve seen my patients go from injury to winning medals in a matter or two or three sessions (with some hard work on the tasks I set them between sessions, of course).  Professionally, nothing makes me happier than seeing my patients feel empowered to improve and achieving their goals.

As an elite cyclist I give my body a daily battering and occasionally pick up niggles and injuries. Lately I’ve been suffering with a back and glute issue that has continually worsened until it seriously impacted on my ability to ride my bike.
Danielle has put together a great regime of mobility and strength exercises alongside a programme of stretching that has already turned round my injury. I’m back riding and racing, and recorded my career best result with a 3rd placement the Beaumont Trophy, a UCI Europe Tour race, just one week after visiting Danielle! She is incredibly knowledgeable of the body and sport, and appreciates that sportspeople have a strong desire to train and compete so is very helpful in giving treatment that allows the athlete to be back at their best as soon as possible. Can’t recommend her enough.

Here is a testimonial from a competitive kickboxing patient who went from not being able to kick due to hip pain, to winning two consecutive world kickboxing titles after just 3 sessions of osteopathy and sport-specific strength and conditioning:

So the plan last November was to fix my bad ‘hip’ to allow me to compete in Kickboxing again. Three great sessions, an awesome rehab plan and a few months of hard work got me there. Yesterday I achieved my goal! Another World Kickboxing Title- 100% healed and able to kick properly again. Thank you so much again!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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