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Running Injuries

Are running injuries a problem for you?
Aches and pains during and after running can be debilitating.
If you get pain from running, it’s not just the pain that’s the problem, it can affect concentration, affect your mood and, for many, running is more than just for exercise. Some of my patients even report disturbed sleep due to the pain.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of people suffering with running injuries, including Linford Christie and his sprint team, GB sprinter James Ellington, sprinter and GB bobsledder Greg Cackett, and Olympic Sprinter Iwan Thomas, amongst many others, so I know exactly what those suffering from running injuries go through.

Throughout my career I have unfortunately had many injuries, which in turn meant I had the pleasure of working with many medical teams across the globe. I must say, without doubt, Danielle is someone who I regard as one of the best. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and I will certainly visit again for treatment.

Danielle is a fantastic osteopath with an excellent natural feel and understanding for the human body. In my line of work I've had treatment from numerous therapists and Danielle has to be one of the best. After my ankle stress fracture I developed bone spurs, which continue to cause impingement and soft tissue issues. Thanks to Danielle's rehab intervention and advice on pain management, I am able to keep major issues as bay and avoid surgery whilst still performing at a high level. This is absolutely massive for me and I can't thank and recommend her enough.

Here is a testimonial from a patient whom I had two sessions with having suffered a knee injury just 6 weeks prior to running the London Marathon. She very successfully completed the marathon, despite having had knee pain after a few metres of running, just weeks before the marathon:

Week 10 of 16 training for London Marathon 2019 started to get knee pain which prevented running. Took advantage of the free 15 min session and Danielle advised some strengthening and conditioning exercises. So booked a session with her and she put together a set of exercises to do 3 times a week with no running for 2 weeks. Of course panic set in but I persevered with the exercises and revisited Danielle for one more session. She recommended a reduced running plan and the exercises. Over time pain reduced when running and I completed the Marathon pain free. I am in no doubt this was attributed to Danielle’s treatment and advice and I would thoroughly recommend her.

Don’t give up when you get an injury, and definitely don’t just continue running through the pain, just make sure you find a rehab specialist who understands biomechanics and tissue healing.  More often than not, these injuries can be fairly easily resolved and you can get back to running the distances you love.

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